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    Regulator a device in mechanical watches attached to the balance spring for adjusting the rate of the balance wheel Regulator precision pendulum clock originally used as a time standard for adjusting or regulating other clocks and watches Regulator the throttle of a steam engine Regulator a component of Uilleann pipes a form of bagpipes

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    up for your consideration to purchase vintage devilbiss airline regulator valve with 2 gauges one of the gauge glass is broken on right hand side the gauges are 2 5/8 round total lenght is 19 1/2 inches approx 11 inches wide approx 8 1/2 inches deep regulator is 3 inches in diameter all valve handles turn one is a little stiff to turn this regulator is painted red and has paint

  • Airtrol Components Inc Precision Miniature Pneumatic

    Airtrol Components line of miniature pneumatic components are designed for use in light to medium duty applications where small size light weight and precision are a must Typical applications include medical and dental equipment laboratory/analytical instruments HVAC applications and process control/automation

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    Vacuum Regulators Unique modular designs are the cornerstone of Precision Medical s vacuum regulators Each unit is 25 50 smaller than other suction regulators making it the ideal respiratory device for crowded wall and rail areas Vacuum Regulators Continuous Vacuum Regulators Continuous Intermittent Vacuum Regulator Repair Kit Vac Trap

  • AURA Gas Controls Instrumentation Gas Control Regulators

    High Pressure Regulator The AURA EXH supplies principle pressure control of gases and liquids in closed loop systems requiring delivery pressures as high as 4500 psig The standard self venting feature allows gas downstream to be safely relieved as the desired outlet pressure is decreased The EXH is a reliable and flexible fit in applications

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    Decades later that spirit of precision engineering and craftsmanship continues Our world class production facility and the fact that we have total control over every manufacturing process make Apeks scuba diving regulators the industry benchmark for design quality and performance

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    Versa Mount Precision Compressed Air Regulators Mount these regulators to a 35 mm DIN rail or a wall with one of the two included brackets With an accuracy of ±0 2 use these regulators to adjust and maintain air pressure in sensitive applications where constant consistent pressure is important All are relieving regulators so they

  • Digital Pressure Regulators Electronic Pressure Regulators

    Our high flow pressure regulator is designed for a maximum of 515 slpm/18 2 scfm The low flow regulator has an upper limit of 6 slpm 25 scfm The pressure relief valve also operates at up to 515 slpm/18 2 scfm All flows at 100psi Regulators are intended for an output pressure ranging from 14 7 to more than 100psi

  • TLV431ALow Voltage Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator

    Low Voltage Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator TLV431 NCV431 SCV431 The TLV431A B and C series are precision low voltage shunt regulators that are programmable over a wide voltage range of 1 24 V to 16 V The TLV431A series features a guaranteed reference accuracy of ±1 0 at 25 C and ±2 0 over the entire industrial temperature range of

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    Pressure Regulators Air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for the most demanding industrial air preparation applications Parker offers a range of miniature economy compact standard hi flow and pilot operated regulators to meet a range of service needs Pressure Regulators Products from parker include

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    The AFC is the reason Atomic regulators breathe with a comfortable natural feeling at any depth US Patent #5 678 541 Our Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice design prolongs the life of the low pressure poppet seat to maintain the crisp like new factory tuning and prevent the

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    A complete line of high pressure regulators including self operated diaphragm sensed and piston sensed Accessories xrarr Top mounted positioners and side mounted positioners for control valves pressure and temperature controllers and high pressure filters for regulators

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    The diving regulator has close links with Aqualung as we invented it Having been a world leader for 80 years we are doing everything we can to remain a world leader in the future The diving regulator Aqualung s identity A legacy to preserve The first diving regulator was the result of a 1943 collaboration between the famous oceanographic explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau and the engineer

  • Aqua Lung LEG3ND Range Regulators ReviewScuba Diving

    Aqua Lung LEG3ND Range Aqua Lung s range of Legend regulators have been around for years continually improving and developing and their latest range Leg3end brings us 3 high end regulators ranging from £520£650 which offer industry leading features an design We dig deeper into which Leg3nd is right for you and what we love about them

  • Precision Pressure Regulators ControlAir

    Our precision regulators provide the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available and cater to a wide range of applications that require exact pressure control under variable operating conditions Applications include medical devices air gauging diagnostic equipment coordinate measuring machines leak testing equipment

  • Precision Pressure RegulatorsParker Hannifin

    Parker Precision Fluidics Model 8310/8311 Regulators incorporate a threadless valve seat assembly with a precision glass ball It is ideal for very low flow carrier gas applications and provides bubble tight shut off The 8310/8311 is a direct acting non relieving pressure regulator supplied

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    Mar 24 2021  Precision Regulator The precision regulator is characterized by a high precision and stability of the pressure adjusted thanks to a constructive concept of multi membrane The presence of a controlled air leak and a particularly sensitive relieving exhaust

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    Precision Regulators ControlAir Type 90 Miniature Precision Pneumatic Air Pressure Regulator ControlAir Type 100 Precision Pneumatic Air Pressure Regulator ControlAir Type 700 High Flow Pneumatic Pressure Regulator

  • Scuba Regulators Diving Equipment Scuba Shade Diving

    Regulators are usually sold in three parts The 1st Stage and Primary together an Alternate Air Source a Submersible Pressure Gauge When you buy a regulator the first part to buy is the 1st Stage and Primary then the Alternate Air Source and Gauges The hose for the BCD is supplied with the BCD itself

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    Preece Precision is uniquely positioned with 25 years experience manufacturing small medium and large capacity production with expertise in high pressure gas regulators and components for various industries Preece Precision s specialty is our ability to take a proposal from samples to final production rapidly getting you to market in less

  • Precision Regulators SMC Corporation of America

    IR Series IR Precision Regulators are designed to be compact and light weight The maximum set pressure has been expanded from the conventional 0 7MPa to 0 8MPa Relief flow has been increased by nearly 5 times compared to SMC IR201 IR401 The optional bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted on either the front or back of the unit

  • Direct Operated Precision Regulator

    Direct operated precision regulator now available as a series ARP20/30/40 b Adjust the blow line pressure Sensitivity within 0 2 F S allows more precise pressure adjustment Residual pressure circuit Also exhausts residual pressure completely c Control a clamping force by precise pressure control

  • Type 100M Motorized Precision Air Pressure Regulator

    The ControlAir Type 100M Motorized Air Pressure Regulator is designed to provide precise pneumatic control by use of an electrical signal This highly accurate device is well suited for pneumatic control of a system from a remote location Utilizing two tandem synchronous AC Motors each having it s own set of leads but operating through a

  • Preece Precision Scuba Tank 150 PSI Fixed Flow Regulator

    Scuba Tank Air Regulator System for SHOP AIR Put your standard scuba tank to work when not underwater This is a great source of shop air for running air tools filling auto and bike tires filling inflatable rafts running spray paint guns and air brushes You get a constant 150PSI fixed flow of breathing air from your scuba tank through a

  • Full Size Precision Series 1/4 to 3/4 Flow to 155 scfm

    Full Size Precision Series 1/4 to 3/4 Flow to 155 scfmC5213C2018ROSS Controls Precision Regulators

  • Living through a war In Cuba a race to vaccinate as

    Aug 10 2021  Cuban regulators approved the homegrown Abdala vaccine for emergency use last month making Cuba the first Latin American country to develop a successful Covid vaccine

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    Airline EquipmentPressure Regulators Pressure Regulators from SMC have been updated to the new urban white base color for a clean modern look The pressure drop across the regulator has been reduced to create a more efficient unit with a maximum set pressure of 100 psi The locking adjustment knob prevents accidental setting changes

  • Best Scuba Diving Regulators Sport Diver

    Jul 16 2021  Mares 82X first stage is designed to deal with a wide variety of conditions for divers who are willing to tackle challenges With two ways to adjust the breathing rate including the Twin Power System the model can deliver gas in highly customizable rates plus its metal construction and Pneumatically Assisted Design make it capable for cold water use

  • Precision RegulatorAllied Electronics

    Precision Regulator 549 ARJ AMR ARM ARP IR IRV VEX1 SRH SRP SRF ARX20 VCHR ITV IC PVQ VER VEA VY2 AP100 VBA VBAT AR425 to 935 VEF VEP P0529 P0600 E qxd 08 11 6 2 21 PM Page 549 Bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted from 2 directions Mounting is possible on either the front or the back Expanded regulating

  • ADP3310 Precision Voltage Regulator Controller REV B

    The ADP3310 is a precision voltage regulator controller that can be used with an external power PMOS device such as the NDP6020P to form a two chip low dropout linear regulator The low quiescent current 800 µA and the enable feature make this device

  • Electronic Pressure Regulators Pressure Control Equilibar

    The EPR Series is a high resolution electronic pressure regulator series The EPR provides a regulated output pressure that is proportional to an electrical command signal input The EPR units are available in a wide range of calibrated ranges covering vacuum through 3000 psig 200 Bar The EPR is available with 4 20 mA or 0 5 VDC analog input

  • Pressure Regulators Netafim Accessories

    Pressure Regulators Our highly accurate regulators designed to ensure uniform pressure and maximum system uptime and maintain continuous non peak consistent system pressure Highly accurate pressure regulators are available in two models PRV Located near the head control this model is available at various outlet pressures

  • TESCOM Precision Fluid Control Solutions Emerson US

    TESCOM pressure regulators backpressure regulators instrumentation valves changeover manifolds controllers and pressure control systems are critical to the fluid and pressure controls of dozens of industry applications including many operations with extreme conditions or involving hazardous materials or

  • FAIRCHILD Compact Multi Stage Precision Pressure Regulator

    The Fairchild Model 80 precision regulator will handle a 250 psi 17 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers three 3 output pressure ranges from 0 20 psi 0

  • EquipmentHenkel Adhesives

    It is equipped with a precision pressure regulator 0 10 7 bar for viscosities < 1 500 mPas Application Anaerobic instant and light cure adhesives in 250 ml 500 g 1 l and 2 kg bottles Benefits Integrated design controller and reservoir for simple set up and space economy Timer controlled solenoid valve for air actuated applicator


    PRECISION VOLTAGE REGULATORS SLVS057DAUGUST 1972REVISED JULY 1999 POST OFFICE BOX 655303 DALLAS TEXAS 75265 3 recommended operating conditions MIN MAX UNIT Input voltage VI 9 5 40 V Output voltage V O 2 37 V Input to output voltage differential V CVO 3 38 V Output current IO 150 mA